A Drop in Bathtub to Complete Your Bathroom

Mejorstyle.com – A bathroom bathtub makes us feel relaxed and refreshed because we can lie down cleaning and recharging our tired body. Having a drop in bathtub in our bathroom is a great idea. Do you know this type of bathtub? Bathtubs are variously available in styles, designs and types. Take a look at types of bathtubs below.

Blubleu-drop-in-bathtubs-sunken A Drop in Bathtub to Complete Your Bathroom

Blubleu drop in bathtubs sunken

In general, the types of bathtubs are:

  • Free standing bathtub. This kind of bathtub is not connected to the walls. We can put it everywhere we like. It definitely needs a larger bathroom. It can both makes your bathroom beautiful and can make your bathroom looks terrible because of the exposed plumbing system. Make sure you hire the best plumber to solve plumbing problems.
  • Corner bathtub. This is usually expensive and it takes a big part of a bathroom space. It has five sides of bathtub. It is not recommended for a small bathroom.
Drop-in-bathtubs-spa-feel A Drop in Bathtub to Complete Your Bathroom

Drop in bathtubs spa feel

  • Alcove bathtub. This is a common bathtub that is installed on three sides of tiled walls.
  • Drop in bathtub. This kind of bathtub is unique. It has its own rim but you will need your bathroom decorator to build a deck that protrudes into the bathroom. However, it can be installed like an alcove and it also can be installed in an open space. We can install it everywhere we like in the bathroom. It takes a lot of money to install it in our bathroom. However its uniqueness is worth to have.

Now you know different types of bathtubs. Are you thinking of remodeling your bathroom? If you want to buy a drop in bathtub, you probably will need ideas to get inspired. Consider the ideas below.

Susan-Hopkins-drop-in-bathtub A Drop in Bathtub to Complete Your Bathroom

Susan Hopkins drop in bathtub

Ideas of drop in bathtubs to have:

  1. Consider a rectangle drop in tub with wood panel painted blue for your master bathroom.
  2. Consider a rectangle drop in tub with wood panel painted in vintage nickel color. The tub is accompanied right beside it by installed-cabinets with shelves made from glass.
  3. Consider a luxurious round drop in tub installed inside marble round rims. Definitely it needs a large bathroom because a round drop in tub is supposed to be in the center part of the bathroom.
  4. Consider a rectangle white drop in tub with wood panel accompanied by white cabinets. It looks great to complete a light grey bathroom with grey marbles tiles. The bathroom will look more spacious because of the grey and white colors.
  5. Consider a rectangle white and blue drop in tub with marble backsplash. The cabinets that are built from floor to ceiling really effectively accompany the tub and the bathroom becomes beautiful.
Traditional-bathtubs A Drop in Bathtub to Complete Your Bathroom

Traditional bathtubs

Faucets, accessories, and other bathroom fixtures also pay an important role in making a bathroom relaxing, refreshing, and functional at the same time. We have to make sure they appear to be interesting and functional. Make sure you always buy all the things for your bathroom in high quality because it is some kind of investment. We don’t remodel our bathroom every time we want, right? It takes a lot of money for sure. It is hoped that the article about drop in bathtub will broaden your knowledge.

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