4 Ways to Choose the Right Newel Post for Your Staircase

To make your staircase looks beautiful, you need to choose the right hand rail, balusters and perhaps some decorative curtail steps. You also must choose the best newel post to complete the look. Newel is not only important to support the railing and banister. It can also be a good decorative statement. A simple post on your stair case can tell a lot of story about your personality and design preference. And since the size is pretty big, choosing the wrong newel can destroy your overall design. To help you install the best staircase post for your house, here are some tips you can do.

Brazilian-Cherry-wood-Newel-Post 4 Ways to Choose the Right Newel Post for Your Staircase

Box or Turned

There are two major newel design types, box post and turned post. As the name suggests, box type has rectangular shapes. Mostly, the design is pretty simple. There are not a lot of turning, only some carves and maybe layers to give volume and decorative element to the post. Meanwhile, turned newel has more decorative elements. The shape is square or cylinder and it is made on gorgeous wood lathe. The round shapes as well as the fabulous turnings and carves become the main characteristics of this post. If you already have many ornaments around the staircase, it is best to use the simple box post. But if you prefer something more ornate and dramatic, turned post will never disappoint you.

Morgan-stairs 4 Ways to Choose the Right Newel Post for Your Staircase

Hollow or Solid

Now let’s talk about the purpose of the newel post. Hollow post is empty inside so it doesn’t have the strengths required to support the balusters. So, hollow post is for decorative purpose only and the railings and baluster will rely to the wall to support them. Most box newels are hollow. In the other hand, solid newels are not hollow inside since it is made of real wood. Thus, solid wood is very strong and it can be used for to support the stair as well as to decorate the house. The post you should choose will depend on the material of the railing. If the railing is made of concrete, it doesn’t need anything to support it. So, you can choose hollow newel. Solid newel is more versatile and it is suitable to be paired with any types of railing.

Super-strong-newel-post 4 Ways to Choose the Right Newel Post for Your Staircase

Post to Post or Over the Post

In post to post rail system, the hand rail is installed in the middle of the post. Sometimes, newel caps and other accessories are used to create distinctive boundaries in between post. Meanwhile, over the post newel is completely the opposite. The main characteristic of over the post arrangement is the continuous and uninterrupted handrail. There are no caps or accessories used as boundaries from one post to the others.

Unique-Newel-Post 4 Ways to Choose the Right Newel Post for Your Staircase

Plain or Accessorized

There are so many things you can do to make a statement with the newel. The decoration can be carved directly to, but it can also be attached later. The most common accessories or newels are newel caps and hemlock ball tops. These accessories can spice up your staircase, but if you prefer to go plain, it is acceptable too.

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