4 Traditional Family Room Ideas that Radiate Warm and Intimate Atmospheres


Family time is very precious and we should cherish every minute of it. Decorating the family room with the best family room ideas will elevate the joy and happiness we have with our loved ones. Inviting a warm and intimate atmosphere to our family room is very easy, especially if you prefer to stick with the traditional style. Traditional family room is extremely popular because of its comfort and splendid decoration. If you want to bring this traditional elegant style into your family room, here are some ideas to inspire you.

Family room decorating

Indulge Your Eyes with Warm Color Palette

If you are a fan of bright and warm colors, traditional family room is really the best for you. In this traditional style, you can play with many festive patterns and colors. Orange or lemon is the most perfect color for traditional living room. These colors bring the attention to the right places and it definitely makes the room warmer. If you think orange is too intimidating, you can also choose pastel colors like salmon or pale yellow. Incorporate small floral patterns with stronger colors to balance the vibe.

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Luxury small traditional family room idea

Comfort Comes First

Even the best family room ideas will be incomplete without comfortable furniture. Of course the furniture must be beautiful as well. However, when it comes to family room, comfort must always become the first priority. It is best if you choose a boxy and bulky sofa because it is the most comfortable. Sectional sofa is the best for big family while love seat is sufficient for smaller family. To elevate the classic nuance of the room, English sofa or skirted Bridgewater sofa is the most suitable option. Instead of choosing the usual wooden coffee table, it is best if you go with ottoman coffee table and add some pouf for extra seating. The softness of the ottoman and pouf will diminish any formal atmosphere in your family room.

Modern Spanish family room design

Hear the Crackling Sound of the Fireplace

Having a nice chat with your family in front of the fireplace is the best feeling in the world. So, don’t forget to add a nice and beautiful fireplace in your family room. However, just because you design your living room in a traditional way, it doesn’t mean that you must build the expensive traditional fireplace from scratch. Electric fireplace will do as well. Electric fireplace can provide the familiar warmth and crackling sound without the hassles of the smoke and ashes.

Small traditional family room

Accessorize with Puddle Curtains

You family room makeover is not perfect without some beautiful curtain treatments. The pattern and colors should go in sync with the painting or wallpaper and the furniture. But to create more warm and intimate atmosphere in the room, make sure you add two or three inches of puddle for your curtain. Long curtains are beautiful and dramatic and it is very suitable for a family room. But be careful with the puddle. Family room is a busy area and you need to clean it regularly. Don’t let the puddle hang too low so the curtains won’t get dirty easily.