4 Tips to Decorate Around Leather Living Room Furniture

Mejorstyle.com – We choose leather sofa because it is comfortable and it delivers a strong decorative statement. However, decorating around leather living room furniture is never easy. Leather sofas and chairs are always big, bulky and take up so much space. The size makes it stands out and if you are not careful your leather furniture will outperform other ornaments and furniture in your living room. If you want to have that comfortable leather sofa and pretty living room at the same time, you will need to make a good decorating strategy. Here are some tips that can help you achieve that goal.

Elegant-livingroom-set 4 Tips to Decorate Around Leather Living Room Furniture

Elegant livingroom set

Paint the Room with Contrasting Color

Leather furniture usually comes in dark colors like black, dark brown or maroon. Those colors are very strong and can easily absorb the energy of every other furniture and decoration around the house. These colors also tend to make the living room appear darker. Living room shouldn’t be dark. It should be warm and cozy. Therefore, it is best if you paint the walls with bright and contrasting colors such as white or cream. These soft colors will help alleviating the darkness of the furniture and make the room appear brighter and warmer. Adding some lights can definitely help as well.

Contemporary-leather-sofa-for-living-room 4 Tips to Decorate Around Leather Living Room Furniture

Contemporary leather sofa for living room

Divide the Attention

Leather is nice and it is the perfect furniture material for big living room. However, in small living room, too much leather furniture can lead to disaster. Bulky furniture will take up too much space and attention in small living room. It will make the room feels cramped, crowded and uncomfortable. So, if space is an issue, it is best if you just choose one leather living room furniture as the focal point. It can be sofa or a nice armchair. Fill the room with ottomans, upholstered chairs and coffee table with thin slender legs. This arrangement will create a sense of space while showcasing the beauty of the leather furniture at the same time.

Brown-leather-furniture-sets 4 Tips to Decorate Around Leather Living Room Furniture

Brown leather furniture sets

Accessorize with Colors and Patterns

Brown, black and maroon are nice colors. But your living room will look dull and boring if it is dominated by only one of those colors. You can let the leather take the center stage but you will need some supporting actors to make a perfect play. Put colorful throw pillows on the sofa or the chairs, you can also put patterned ones if you want to. You can also make the room more vibrant by adding some accessories on the wall. Don’t forget to repeat the colors and patterns in several different places to create harmony.

Black-leather-living-room-furniture 4 Tips to Decorate Around Leather Living Room Furniture

Black leather living room furniture

Add Comfortable Rug

Leather sofa and chairs are never complete without the company of soft and beautiful rug. Make sure you choose soft or contrasting color to bridge the gap between the leather living room chairs and the floor. You can use the rug to continue the harmony you create with the accessories. If you opt for modern looking living room, it is best to choose bright rug with bold patterns. But if you want something warmer and traditional, earth-colored rugs will be perfect.

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