4 Tips Placing Your Indoor Outdoor Area Rugs Beautifully

Mejorstyle.com – Rugs are one of important and interesting home décor for some rooms in your house. Placing indoor outdoor area rugs also important to be done to make your room looks more beautiful and special. No matter how beautiful and unique the rug’s pattern is, if you don’t know how to place it properly, your room will be such a mess.

Area-rug-shop-for-indoor 4 Tips Placing Your Indoor Outdoor Area Rugs Beautifully

Area rug shop for indoor

Before you choose indoor outdoor area rugs in your house

There are some basics notes that you need to consider in choosing a rug for your house. You shouldn’t ignore these tips in order to minimize the risk of disappointment after you buying the rugs.

Indoor-or-Outdoor-area-rugs 4 Tips Placing Your Indoor Outdoor Area Rugs Beautifully

Indoor or Outdoor area rugs

  1. The first tip is you have to choose the rugs you like. Maybe you need one or two opinions from family or friends, but in the end it should be you who decide which pattern, color and texture of rugs that you like the most.
  2. The second tip is to choose where you will put the rug whether it is indoor or outdoor. Make sure the size of the rug is not too big or the small.
  3. The third tip is making sure you know how to take care of the rug. You as the owner of the house must know how to clean and take care of it so it will not easily dirty and broken.
  4. The last tip you must buy a rug that is based on your budget. No matter how pretty the pattern of the rug is, if it’s too expensive, it will not be a wise decision.
Outdoor-decoration-area-rugs 4 Tips Placing Your Indoor Outdoor Area Rugs Beautifully

Outdoor decoration area rugs

Placing your indoor outdoor area rugs beautifully

There are some rules in placing a rug that you need to pay attention. Some says you need to place the half rug under the legs of the sofa. Some says you need to put all the part of the rug under the furniture depends on its type. No matter what the rules are, you shouldn’t avoid these following rules to make your room stays beautiful and neat:

  1. Avoid small rug

For rug that is not really big, you can put aside the sofa outside the rug. Let the sofa in the side of the rug instead of “stepping” on it. If you like colorful pattern, you can use small rug as the carpet that is not meant to be stepped on it. This rug will give unique look without making the room looks messy.

Pink-outdoor-area-rugs 4 Tips Placing Your Indoor Outdoor Area Rugs Beautifully

Pink outdoor area rugs

  1. as completion of furniture

You don’t need to be afraid to mix and match between your furniture and your carpet especially the arrangement. You can try to put half of the sofa in rug area. It will complete some furniture that looks a bit different. This way is also a great way to make your room looks bigger.

  1. Big rug, small furniture

Placing a small sofa and a coffee table on a big rug is not always a bad idea. Instead, it will make your furniture and the rug go together.

No matter how beautiful the carpet is, if the placing doesn’t go well with other furniture, it will be useless. You can find some inspirations about placing indoor outdoor area rugs in your house. There are many great pictures that you can apply in your room as well.

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