4 Stair Spindles Ideas for Various House Designs

The key in creating gorgeous staircase is choosing the right balusters. Balusters, or also famously called stair spindles can help highlighting your house design. Whether it’s traditional, contemporary or modern, there will always be a nice balustrade you can use to beautify your stairway area. To help you decorate your house with the right balusters, here are some ideas to inspire you.

Spindles-for-stairs 4 Stair Spindles Ideas for Various House Designs

Traditionally Classic

It is very easy to choose the right spindles for traditional house. Many people loves going back to anything classic nowadays so you will have a lot of balustrade options to choose. To elevate the traditional nuance, you should avoid metal balusters and instead, go bold with various colors and shapes of woods. For the balusters, go with thin lathe white woods, while for the hand railing, you can incorporate darker colors like dark brown or black. Go with post to post newel to create some additional accents in between posts. Don’t forget to add some contour on the white painted wall to elevate the classic vibe in the stairway.

Stair-Spindles-idea 4 Stair Spindles Ideas for Various House Designs

Warm and Rustic

When it comes to rustic style, wood railing is very important. But don’t just apply wood. You will need some metal work as well to take the overall design into a completely new level. Wooden handrail combined with horizontal lines of metal stair spindles will create something different to your stair project. It is rustic, but it has some contemporary touches as well. Besides, horizontal spindles are very quirky yet beautiful. To keep the rustic vibe intact, it is best if you build floating wooden staircase instead of the ordinary one. The wood and iron combination meets the simplicity of the floating stairwell and horizontal spindles will make the area stands out.

Stair-spindles 4 Stair Spindles Ideas for Various House Designs

Luxurious and Formal

Wood spindles are perfect to create formal and elegant atmosphere. Go with bulky and curvy wood spindles. For the best effect, go with soft colored wood with matte finish. To elevate the formal nuance, don’t play with too much color. Stick with the same tone for the handrail, newel post as well as the wood paneled wall around the stairway area. To make the design stronger, choose box newel post with beautiful cap on top of it. Make post to post railing and place the same gorgeous newel in every post. To create texture variation, don’t settle with another wood for the floor. Go with white granite or marble to elevate the expensive vibe of the room.

Staircase-spindles 4 Stair Spindles Ideas for Various House Designs

Contemporary Minimalist

If less is more is your ultimate life principle, simple spindles for staircase is the best for you. Spindle doesn’t always have to be a curvy wood or iron wrought. Sometimes, all you need is a simple glass. For the handrail and the newel post, go with thin dark colored lumber that goes straight from the newel post to the wall. There is no need to add too much ornament for the handrail and newel post. In this style, simplicity is king and it is the one that will make the stairway stands out.

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