4 Reasons Iron Balusters are the Best Choice to Spice up Your House

Wood stairs with iron balusters

When we decorate our house, we need to consider every element from the wall, the ceiling and certainly the stairs. Speaking of the stairs, iron balusters can be a nice choice to beautify the staircase and give some beautiful statements to the balcony. If you are considering to replace your balusters with something more modern, make sure you choose iron. Here are some reasons why iron balustrade is always the best option to decorate your house.

Iron stair parts concept

Iron balusters installation

Excellent Strength

It is not a secret that iron is a very strong and durable material. Baluster is not only about beauty but also safety. Therefore, it is a very wise decision to choose something with incredible strength for your stairs and balcony. When you install wood baluster, you must be prepared for the routine expensive maintenance. But it is not the case with iron. Iron doesn’t need a lot of maintenance because the modern materials are polished with resistance-proof substance that will make the material more durable. The only thing you need to do to maintain your balusters is to clean it regularly.

Suitable for Any Kind of House Styles

Wood baluster is extremely beautiful, but it is only suitable for some house styles. Wood tends to make your house looks rustic and traditional. So it is not the material you want if you decorate your house with more modern style. Iron balusters, on the other hand, are versatile. It is suitable for a modern house with marble stairways. It also will fit perfectly with English Manor style house with floors covered by warm and classic carpet. There is nothing you can do when you choose iron as your baluster.

Wide Range of Remarkable Designs

Iron is a very flexible material. So you can choose to order any shapes you want for your baluster. You can choose the best shapes and curves and match it with the overall design of your house. You can go to the store and browse the collections available there. But if you can’t find anything you like, you are free to order a customized design that suits your personality. Moreover, unlike wood, iron wrought is very slim. Therefore, iron is a perfect choice to decorate small houses that cannot work well with bulky material that is wood baluster.

Can Be Combined with Wood to Create Warmer Atmosphere

Iron can be a very beautiful decoration material. But at the same time, iron delivers an extremely strong decorative statement that spells modern and industrial. If you want to tone down the modern vibe, you can combine the metal balusters with beautiful wooden hand railing. Wood is a great match for iron and when you combine the elegance of iron with the warmth of the wood, perfection is the result you will get. With some touches of wood in the iron wrought, your house will look warm and intimate. But in the same time, it doesn’t lose its modern nuance. If you have small house and you want to incorporate wood in the stair area, it is best to use iron for the baluster and apply wood in the hand railing.

Photo Gallery of 4 Reasons Iron Balusters are the Best Choice to Spice up Your House

New stairIron balustersWood stairs with iron balustersIron stair parts concept

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