4 Beautiful and Elegant Lounge Ideas for Small Houses

Don’t let the small size of your house limit your decorating creativity. There are a lot of lounge ideas out there that you can use to beautify your small lounge. You need to incorporate some tricks to make your small lounge appear larger and more comfortable. If you know how to deal with the lighting, decoration and furniture, you don’t have to sacrifice the comfort nor the elegance of your lounge. To help you design the best small lounge ever, here are some ideas to inspire you.

Big-lounge-furniture 4 Beautiful and Elegant Lounge Ideas for Small Houses

Avoid Bulky Furniture

Since the room is small, the furniture must be in small scale as well. Avoid large and bulky furniture, especially for the sofa and chairs. Bulky leather sofa and chairs may seem comfortable but they are not a good idea for a small lounge. Not only that furniture will make your small room feels cramped, they will also block the flow of the room. If sofa is too big for the room, love seat can be a good substitute. Instead of English or Bridgewater sofa, it is best if you choose the slim and streamlined Tuxedo style or Cabriole. Instead of going with one giant coffee table, it is best if you substitute it with two round wicker coffee tables. Smaller furniture will make all the differences in your tiny lounge.

Modern-lounge-design 4 Beautiful and Elegant Lounge Ideas for Small Houses

Expose the Legs

Either it’s the chair, sofa, coffee table or living room dresser; make sure the legs of all the furniture are exposed. This is one of the most useful lounge ideas that will make the room less cramped and airier. Cabriole sofa is the best for this purpose. Chesterfield and camel back sofa will do as well. If your room is very small and there is no space left for the furniture, you can try choosing floating shelves.

Small-lounge-ideas 4 Beautiful and Elegant Lounge Ideas for Small Houses

Create Focal Point

Some people said that to decorate a small room you need to go easy with color. It is true, in a way. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t play with color at all. In fact, all the best lounge decorating ideas will always tell you to incorporate color, with caution. Instead of spark some colors here and there, it is best if you create a focal point. This focal point can be a piece of the biggest furniture in the room, it can be the wall with the best wallpaper treatment and paintings, or it can be some colorful throw pillows on a soft colored sofa. Creating a focal point will direct all the attention to the right place. It will also spice up the room without making too much unnecessary effort.

White-sofa-for-lounge-interior 4 Beautiful and Elegant Lounge Ideas for Small Houses

Brighten Up the Room

Last but not least, don’t forget to add some lights to brighten up the room. Small lounge usually doesn’t have big window to provide natural light. So, you must add some lighting fixture to make the room appear brighter. Avoid dramatic chandelier and go with recessed lightings, hidden fixture or pendant lamp instead. Wall lamp or table lamp can also become a nice decoration material.