4 Advantages of Brick Floor Tile You Should Know

Mejorstyle.com – Tile is one of important parts in the house that has different sizes and types. Brick floor tile is one of popular tiles that many people used. Of course everyone wants to have the best thing for him or herself, so as your house too. No matter what your house look like, make sure you use the best material especially for your tile. Choosing the best and the right material can affect your house’s longevity.

Brick-floor-family-room-and-kitchen 4 Advantages of Brick Floor Tile You Should Know

Brick floor family room and kitchen

If you have a plan to choose brick floor tiles for your living room, make sure you know what the types of bricks are. So, later on you can choose what type of bricks suit your need and your room. In order to choose the right type of bricks, let’s read this following information:

Brick-Floor-Tile 4 Advantages of Brick Floor Tile You Should Know

Brick Floor Tile

Types of brick floor

Based on the material how the brick is made from, there are two types of bricks floor tile:

  1. Clay brick

Bricks that are made from clay have two main categories which are standard brick and face standard brick. Standard brick has uncertain surface and color. This brick can be used for wall. It can be covered by cements. Standard bricks are usually called with red bricks. Meanwhile, face standard brick has good and smooth surface. It has same pattern and color from one to another. Besides it can be used for wall, face standard brick doesn’t need to be covered with cements. This type of brick is usually called as imitation brick.

Brick-floors-kitchen 4 Advantages of Brick Floor Tile You Should Know

Brick floors kitchen

  1. Sand brick

Yes, you can guess what type of brick it is. This brick is made from the mixing of chalk and sand with comparison of 1:8. The mixing is also including water that is pressed into the mixing until it makes solid bricks. This type of brick is usually used for wall that is submerged by water and it needs high force.

Brick-patterns-idea 4 Advantages of Brick Floor Tile You Should Know

Brick patterns idea

The advantage of using brick floor tile for your living room

Usually bricks are made only for walls or gates for the house. Besides it is covered with sand or cement, sometimes brick are not covered at all because the purpose is to make the color, arrangement and texture stand out. Not many people know that bricks are not only for walls and gates but also can be used for floor tile in your house especially in your living room. Bricks for floor tile haven’t been applied since not many people know the advantage of it. Below are several advantages of using brick for floor tile:

  1. Create different atmosphere

Using bricks as floor tile is very unusual but that’s the beauty. Your living room can look more different and more special with the brick floor tile. Brick has its own special texture that can’t be had by the other materials including granite, ceramics, marble and others.

  1. Cheap price

Besides bricks are easy to get, the price is cheaper than the other materials since the process to make them do not necessarily need high and modern technology.

  1. Easy to be shaped

Bricks are easy to be shaped based on what we want. It is so different with ceramics or granite that is difficult to be shaped as what we want it.

  1. Less time to be installed

Since floor that made from bricks do not need complicated techniques, the installation can be done in a short period of time. So, do you still doubt to use brick floor tile for your living room?