3 Ways to Create the Most Comfortable Sitting Room Design

Sitting room should be the coziest place in our house. With the most beautiful and comfortable sitting room design, we can have the most enjoyable time with our family. Sitting room has a slightly different function with the living room. Living room is used to hang out with the family as well as to entertain guests. Meanwhile, sitting room is more private and it is solely used to relax and chill with your loved ones. Since the sitting room is a more personal room, you can show your personality and design it to your heart content. And if you need some additional inspiration to design your sitting room, here are some ideas you can follow.

Colorful-sitting-room-interior 3 Ways to Create the Most Comfortable Sitting Room Design

Medium sitting room

Unlike the living room, you don’t have to spare significant spaces to build your sitting room. Sitting room doesn’t have to be big and you can practically make it in any space available. Sometimes, sitting room doesn’t have to be a “real room”. You can make a sitting area on the porch and even inside your bedroom. You only need to prepare a sofa or loveseat and some armchairs. Since you don’t have to entertain guests in the sitting room, you don’t have to put too much furniture or entertainment system. As long as you feel comfortable, the sitting area is ready to pamper you.

Luxury-sitting-room 3 Ways to Create the Most Comfortable Sitting Room Design

Be Free with the Seating Choices

In the living room, you have to choose something more formal like Cabriole or Tuxedo sofa. Those sofas are formal and beautiful with elegant streamline design. But let’s face the fact that they are not the most comfortable. If you want to relax, you need cozier sofas and chairs. And since you don’t have to choose something formal, you have more freedom to choose.

Sitting-room-design 3 Ways to Create the Most Comfortable Sitting Room Design

Instead of arm chair, you can go with colorful pouf or bean bags. And instead of the usual sofa, you can go with soft chaise lounge, sofa bed or even a day bed. You can also try floor seating with low sofa, rug and some throw pillows if you want to. But just because those sofas are comfortable, it doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice the beauty of your sitting room design. You can still coordinate the colors and patterns of your furniture so you can keep both the comfort and the elegance.

Sitting-room-ideas 3 Ways to Create the Most Comfortable Sitting Room Design

Furniture for your sitting room

In the sitting room, the only person you have to please is yourself. You don’t have to put a fireplace if you don’t like one. There is also no pressure to hang exquisite painting if you don’t want to. Since the sitting room is usually small, make sure you choose the sofa and chairs first before anything else. After that, you can fill the room with your favorite sitting room furniture. Sitting room usually doesn’t have entertainment system. But if you want to put one, there is absolutely no problem. Just make sure you take the proportion and style of the furniture into consideration so they don’t look out of place.