20 Wood Stairs Design Ideas Beautiful Stair Remodel

Sunday, February 5th 2017. | Interior

Wood stairs, talk about this, this is necessary for 2 level house. In the modern era as it is today, the need for land is higher, population growth fast while the amount of land did not increase. Therefore any land price surged drastic becomes very expensive. This happens anywhere in the world. Moreover, land in the big city. Therefore a lot of the people build the homes over 1 floor. As it is known, for house with more than one floor will require stairs. There are many commonly used materials for the manufacture of stairs, one of which is wood. Let’s Read more.

Hardwood Stairs

Wood is one of the most popular materials for the manufacture of home furnishings, as well as for the manufacture of stairs. Indeed, basically every house is surely bound to have something that is made using wood material. Also, timber is a very classical material. Wood will always look beautiful at any time. Wood stairs much sought after because of the same reason. Wood still play an important role in making the stairs inside a home. In addition there are also houses that create stairs using concrete materials. But for this time, we will only share some wooden stairs design ideas.

Wood Stair Treads

Wood is a material that is safe to use and quite powerful. One example if accidental falls while using the stairs, then better fall in timber stairs than fall on concrete stairs. A very clear reason certainly can you see. Where wood offers better cushioning, if there is a fall on it, this is good news for those of you who have small children in the family, where small children usually love to run around, and often fall on the stairs. Using the wooden stairs, then the risk of experiencing a fracture will be getting smaller, than the concrete stairs.

Home design interior is important. You can use it to get more inspiration to renovate yours.

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Stair Handrail

Stair handrail models will also be different for a wooden stairs. If talking about the stairs interior, then wood is a material that sets a homey ambience, which will refine the home’s look. Did you ever realize welcoming feel when you enter into a House with an interior full of wood furnishings? The same conditions will apply to your use of the stairs made from lumber. Nothing can spells home beside wood. For Office interior, concrete materials can spells corporate quite good, but by you using wood material, you can also add a Zen touch. This is something that can make the interior in an Office have the atmosphere that is able to reduce stress, where the atmosphere like this greatly needed in an Office.

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Spiral Staircase

If your home is small, then you can use the model of the spiral staircase which is made using wood. Indeed the spiral staircase can save space, compared to common staircase model. But for a mansion, a model of the spiral staircase is less advisable, because less creates the impression of luxury. The spiral staircase on average created using metal and wood. The more common is metal, because it’s cheaper and more powerful. Moreover, a House that uses a spiral staircase average is who want to save space. That’s all about 20 wood stairs design ideas beautiful stair remodel, hope this article can help you to find the new idea.

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