20 Shabby Chic Bedding Design Ideas, the Secrets behind It

Tuesday, January 31st 2017. | Bedroom

Mejorstyle – Chic shabby chic bedding or bedroom is the best idea to implement. Shabby chic style now is indeed being popular. In the previous article we have discussed about shabby chic furniture. This time we will focus on the discussion of creating a design concept with a shabby chic room. How can you do that, can say how this is not too difficult. A model of shabby chic room is perfect for a woman’s room, who wanted a feminine impression. The model itself is a form of revival of vintage style, with a predominance of pastel colors, the soft look, combined with the motive and the texture of the feminine. Let’s read more.

Shabby Chic bedding Sets

You can choose the sets if dizziness. Because of the shabby chic bedding sets are already suitable for you place in the shabby chic-style rooms. So it was one package. All you need to do is to decorate the room. You can use the wallpaper, and adding the appropriate furniture. For the selection of color and pattern, you can customize with shabby chic bedding sets that you choose. You can also follow the design created by Rachel Ashwell. Although the model more toward vintage. Because Rachel Ashwell is a designer who popularized a model of shabby chic, in 1980.

Home design interior is important. You can use it to get more inspiration to renovate yours.

Tips for you. Don't be in rush if you want to renovate your interior.

Low budget? It does not matter

Why did you choose a model suitable for the shabby chic look to your bedroom? One reason is because this model can be implemented, even if you have the budget. Moreover, a big budget, it is definitely not a problem. Shabby chic is also already quite well-known, so we think you won’t have difficulties to design a room with this theme. Here you can select the high end models, which cost a lot, but more luxurious, and you use a low-end model, the course cost is cheaper. Even if you have very little budget, but want to decorate a room using shabby chic style, then you can shop for furniture shabby chic second, certainly, the price is very cheap. Where if related to the bedding, then this is the best option, that you can try.

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White shabby chic Bedding

Or other color options, should you choose to taste. Supporting furniture will you place inside the room is very important. Because the furniture will affect overall bedroom interior. There are two commonly used and materials chosen for the theme of bedroom furniture shabby chic. These materials include wood and metal. You may choose one of them. Or can also use a combination of both.

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For example for a table lamp, select that uses metal. And for bed side table shabby chic, choose using wood. But usually that uses wood not always cheaper than using metal shabby chic furniture, to be the same, because depending on the type of wood used. There are several types of wood that cost really expensive, example is the teak wood. But indeed furniture with teak wood is very strong, has good lasting power, not easily broken. And any good colour. Perfectly suited for shabby chic theme in your bedroom. That’s all about 20 shabby chic bedding ideas, inspiration and the secrets behind it. Hope you can get your own ideas now.

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