20 Pillowcase Designs – The Original and Beautiful

Monday, February 13th 2017. | Interior

Pillowcase will remind you of everyone’s favorite activities, namely sleep. Sleep is indeed a compulsory activity for everyone. With enough and comfortable sleep, the body will be healthy and refreshed. Good sleep need comfortable and soft pillow. It also requires a pillowcase. So the inside of the pillow will not be easily dirty. The existence of the pillow you can also meet at each corner of the room. The pillow has a variety of sizes and shapes. For example, pet sofa will be less perfect if you do not lean on the pillow. In addition it is also comfortable to cuddle pillow. Even the pillow also has a function to beautify the interior of the room. Similarly, when you are watching television, it will feel less comfortable if you watch television only on the carpet and no pillows available. From here you already know that the pillows are really functional.

Pillow Cases

New Interior looks with New Pillowcase

IKEA pillowcase is an option that you can try. Especially with the IKEA brand has been famous for its quality. So did the cushion, you can choose the IKEA brand. With the right pillows and pillowcases, then you will feel the magic. Where the composition of just the right softness and comfort, accompanied by a bright and colorful motif, would provide a new atmosphere in the interior of a room in your home.

Home design interior is important. You can use it to get more inspiration to renovate yours.

Tips for you. Don't be in rush if you want to renovate your interior.

Satin Pillowcase

So that you can get the look of luxury then you can use Thai Silk pillowcase. If you want a pillow case that looks catchy, then you can choose the pillowcase using furry material. You can apply this accent to the room to get an impression of fresher interior. Third, you can use colorful bright on a pillowcase. Then you can put the pillow on wood bench as a base. As an alternative, you can also put the pillows on the carpet, which you can use when relaxing.

White Pillow Cases

To protect your favorite pillow so that it cannot easily dirty and damaged, then the pillowcase is the solution. Now you can discover pillowcases made using a variety of alternative materials. There are pillowcases made using natural fibers and fabrics. Natural fibers for example are rattan, processed pandanus leaves, agal, and others. Each material pillowcase has drawbacks and advantages of each.

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Silk pillowcase for Hair

Treatment of pillowcases made using fabric including easy. You can wash the pillowcase same as you wash the clothes. For pillowcases made using natural fibers, ways of treatment are different. That is certainly how to take care of it is not as easy to take care of fabric pillowcases. For the pillowcases are made of natural fiber materials, you must be willing to take care with the level of more diligence. But don’t use that as an excuse for you not to use the pillowcase. The easiest way that you can do to take care of natural fiber material pillowcases is to put pillowcases on a place that is not too humid. You also can clean it easily.

You can use a wet brush. Use a wet brush to rub the surface of the fiber, do carefully. Afterwards you immediately wipe the surface of the pillow until completely dry. In order to make pillowcases become dry perfectly, shortly after You wipe, then dry and winds the pillow case under sunlight.

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