20 Nightstand Models from Wood to Modern Nightstand, Best bedside Tables you Can Found

Monday, January 30th 2017. | Bedroom

Mejorstyle Interior – Basic nightstands are truly becoming a thing of the past. A piece of furniture that didn’t often get much attention before, nightstands are really coming into their own nowadays, and a lot of it is thanks to the DIY and repurposes movement. If you’re looking to change the overall look and feel of your bedroom, while keeping things on a budget, there are some incredibly creative things you can do when it comes to creating your own nightstand, or using interesting items you may have never thought of before. Not only will you be able to showcase your personality through your nightstand, but you’ll be completely on trend.

1. Tool Box

This definitely has to be for the right person, but using a vintage (or even a new) toolbox on top of a small white table can make for a great nightstand in a bachelor pad, or for the handyman’s side of the bed. Simply secure the box to a small table to reach the height you need, and you’re all set! The drawers of the tool box will serve their purpose for anything you need to store in the bedroom.

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2. Slice It

Want something unique, but two nightstands that look the same? How about making two nightstands out of one? By buying a small, longer table, you can saw it right down the middle, sand the edges, paint it the color you’d like, and secure each half to a wall where you’d like it to sit, on either side of the bed. It provides a mixture of a futuristic and rustic look, while really showing off your creative and inventive side.

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3. Suitcases

Whether you have a travel bug, or you just like the vintage look, old suitcases on top of small wooden stools can be incredibly unique nightstands that can serve a dual-purpose; they open up for storage! You can get old suitcases to bump up the rustic factor, and mismatch them for an even more shabby-chic look.

4. Work At Home

Need a nightstand that’s both fashionable and functional? Why not find a small vintage desk that can double as a nightstand? You can slide a chair underneath it, set up your computer, a light, etc. With more people than ever before working from home, this can be a makeshift way to set up an office without having to leave the comfort of your bedroom.

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5. Go Natural

Bringing the outdoors in has become more popular than ever, and you can create unique, natural-looking nightstands from something as simple as two large logs/stumps. You may want to do some cutting to make sure they are level, and of course make sure they’re clean, but this can provide an earthy look to your bedroom that makes it warm and inviting.

There are so many new and inventive ways to add a spark to your bedroom with a little creativity when it comes to your nightstands – don’t be afraid to try something new, and DIY as much as you can to fit your personality.

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