20 Inspiring Shabby Chic Style Home


Cottage chic living room, and Shabby chic, is the model home scandals. For those of you who have never heard it, may still be puzzled by what sort of shabby chic Model. Now this is indeed a modern stylish interiors that are most popular. Where the interior more leads to the minimalist model. But behind it all, there are still many homeowners who still prefer to use shabby chic interior design for the spaces in their homes. Shabby chic because it has its own charm, which makes it different and special. Let’s read more.

Shabby Chic Furniture

Of course, the furniture is used in any shabby chic models should use. The hallmark of this model of the interior clearly visible from its colour. Where the colors used it is the pastel colors that look soft. For examples of colors that you can choose between other color light blue, pink, peach, yellow, or white. For example the accents that you can use, among others, studs and floral accents. To accent the studs themselves referred to the “Deep Buttoned”. Where it also has a distinctive design. It’s up to your favor accents which, adjust the selection of accent to your taste. Because of the interior decoration of your House for the long term. Read night stand IKEA.

The furniture you can choose namely furniture with classic style. Furniture with grooves at the back or legs, but select the without engraving. That way, the look of the furniture would look more modern. It’s suitable for your style shabby chic. That indeed be your main goal. Finishing duco with white color is the perfect choice for Your furniture, don’t forget that. The Interior of the House with this style tend to look more feminine and graceful. Therefore many who use it to decorate the interior of a bedroom.

Home design interior is important. You can use it to get more inspiration to renovate yours.

Tips for you. Don't be in rush if you want to renovate your interior.

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French Shabby Chic Kitchen

This interior style you can also apply for the interior spaces of the kitchen. By using the French style Shabby Chic Kitchen. Indeed, if indeed you want to apply the style shabby chic, it is not a difficult thing. You do not need to wear the entire element in trying to display the style. Thus if you give an exaggerated accent, then it can make the kitchen space into a look messy and crowded. If you are interested, then you can try looking for shabby chic ideas inspiration for the interior of the House, from the various examples of models that already we provide.

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Accessories and furniture for shabby chic kitchen, you can use the table with the colour of the legs are white, and white chairs. While at the top of the table, you can use the color of the wood. Don’t forget to add accessories in the form of the vase on the table. For the size of the vase, adjust the size of the table. If the table that you use only fit 4 chairs, then you can use short and small vases, as well as its table size is not too large. Use also the chandelier shabby chic shades to amplify on the interior of the kitchen. Here as a combination of classic and modern interior.

So if you’re happy with the design of a more feminine style and leading to a bright color, then this is the right choice. Furniture and shabby chic style wallpaper with any you can find easily, many stores sell it. That’s all about Shabby Chic interiors, may be useful.