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Thursday, February 9th 2017. | Interior

You can find indoor outdoor rugs. But for now, we will discuss only indoor rugs. There are actually a lot of tricks to make the floor looks at home becoming increasingly beautiful. One of the tricks is to use carpet. You can lay the carpet in the room. Maybe you’ve seen any hotel that put up the carpet in the room. You can see if the carpet can give a different atmosphere. One of the impressions gleaned from the carpet is the premium impression. For those of you who have a minimalist House, but wanted to have the impression of luxury in the interior of the House, then you can use the carpet. Let’s Read more.

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With the presence of the carpets will be obtained a different sensation, it all depends on the color, the thickness of the carpet material, and carpet motif. Some of the rooms are usually use the carpet is a family room, bedroom, and living room. For the kitchen space is not suitable to use carpet. Because in the kitchen, carpet will get dirty quickly, you certainly already know what the reason is. We will not describe it on detail.

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A carpet can make a space feel like they are easier to clean up. The reason is You Just need to lift and then drying the carpet. You can use vacuum cleaners to clean up the grime that attaches on the carpet. Some people do have a tendency of allergy on dust. Where the dust sticks to the furry materials, such as carpet, the question is “How do I get around these allergies?” If indeed the person eager to use carpeting in their homes. Solution to the problem is very simple.

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The solution that you can do is to choose a carpet that is made using thick yarn fibers. Select carpets made using rare interlacing. There are reasons why you should choose a rug like that. Then you choose carpet made using braided fiber yarn and thin carpet fibers, sparse and chunky yarn is more easily cleaned from dirt and dust. Thin fiber and density of the weave will cause dirt and dust easily entered in the smallest cracks and fast absorbing.

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In coping with allergic predisposition on the carpet, there’s still the next solution you can try. You can search for carpet made using natural fiber material. Where the carpets with natural fiber material also have a model that is looks great and beautiful, you can choose the material that is intertwined and quite thick, so that the carpet is not easily torn.

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Don’t forget the regular carpet cleaning. You can suck up dust in the carpet, and then drying the carpet under the sunshine. So any carpet will not smell musty and uncomfortable. The carpet will also be free of fleas. If not dried, it is likely there are fleas hiding in between the carpet fluff.

One of the favorite motifs of the carpet is a carpet motif using modern themes and color combination of black and white. If you use the carpet at a black or white theme room, so the atmosphere in the room will be more alive than before. The room will be more comfortable. Most carpets in ancient times did not use these motifs. For the thickness of the carpet material is also diverse. There are many options. You can choose a carpet model, material, and motif that most suited to your tastes.

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