20 Garden Office Design Ideas, Extend Your Working Space

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Contemporary garden rooms for office

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Garden office for extend your working space. You can make your own office building on the backyard garden. If you have plans to buy new garden office, building, room, etc, then we recommend you read first the few tips that we share today. These tips are universal, where you can use these tips when you want to buy a modern garden room or garden office that is eco friendly, up to you. Depending on your needs, which is the most appropriate? Let’s read more.

Garden office buildings

Office Design Ideas Garden Special

Specify the purpose of the making of your new garden living space. Also make sure if the design meets those needs. If you want to make it into a garden office then you will need a professional garden room manufacturer, and offer good natural lighting and more electrics option. We recommend You to choose a garden office pod that doesn’t use too much natural lighting. Especially if you are using displays or computer screens, where both tools is sensitive to the natural light that is too much. You will find it hard to see the monitor, and make you uncomfortable to work.

Office Shed

If the office or garden office shed which you want to build within 5 meters from your home, and 1 meter from the boundary, and don’t use 50% of your garden space, then you will not need planning permission for 95% of builds. You should also remember that on some conversation areas, and the like, there are some restrictions and regulations that you must obey.

Outdoor Office Garden

In building the outdoor office garden, you must also specify the size of the garden room. You can build an outdoor office garden with a variety of sizes, but make sure the garden office size does not exceed 50% of the area of your garden. You will not need planning permissions. But you will need building regulation approval, if the rooms will be built exceeding 30 m2. Garden rooms can also be attached with your House like conventional extensions.

Garden Office Cabins

The next one, maybe you are confused about what material should be used. If you want to build your own garden office cabins. Will you be using wooden cladding, timber building, or want a more toward modern, contemporary, using metallic materials. All of that back to your budget and personal taste. For the wooden cladding, e.g. Western Red Cedar, this has durability against moisture, insect damage, and decay. While for Cape Cod Cladding has low maintenance advantages, usually comes with a 15 year warranty. Even available in many color choices. So you’ll get more alternative options. Check this art deco interior design elements article too.


You should also pay attention to whether Your garden office construction has been eco-friendly or not. If you are the type of people who want a garden office that look green, and natural, and do not interfere with the appearance of the garden, then you can use the services of garden room manufacturers that offer eco-friendly product to meet your needs. That’s all about 20 garden office design ideas, extend your working space, hope this article useful.

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Photo Gallery of 20 Garden Office Design Ideas, Extend Your Working Space

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