20 Garden Bench Design Ideas, From Natural to Contemporary Bench

Thursday, February 2nd 2017. | Exterior

Garden bench design, there were so many material to make your own garden bench. Each material has the different style for your garden itself. The wooden bench could be an option, especially for those of you who want the impression of natural and eco-friendly in the garden. It’s good for the back garden or the front garden. Everyone needs some relaxation or retreat, and with wooden garden bench, as well as the design of the green gardens, that’s all achievable. Make your garden as a suitable place to unwind and kick back, the place for everyone to retreat. Maybe you want to go to shade and cool off, or bask in the sun, everything that you can do in outdoor garden. With garden benches, then it will help you to create a space around the House that is suitable as a place to relax. Let’s Read more.

Outdoor Bench

The average outdoor bench on sale now was versatile, and is available in many styles, and come with a few cushions, so it makes you more comfortable when sitting and relaxing. Garden benches are indeed functional, where can provide seating for your guests. In addition, garden benches can also be used as the focal point of the garden, or patio. You will be able to keep an eye on your plants planted in the garden, watch the plant growth progress from day to day, while sitting on the garden benches. If you’re lazy exposed to the hot sun, then you can place outdoor garden bench under the canopy. Or place it under the tree, so the shade will keep you feel cold.

Picnic Bench

A selection of picnic bench is also suitable to be placed in the garden, as an outdoor bench. For you to remember, that not any table and chairs you can place in the garden, gazebo, and terrace or under the pergola. For a short time, if you choose the wrong one, the chairs and tables can be damaged due to eroding by the weather.

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Types of materials used will also specify the ease of treatment process for your garden bench. You better avoid any tables and chairs which made from iron, because the iron could rust easily. Of course you do not want a rusted garden bench. Because it will affect the design of the garden. Garden design will be seen worse. But if you want to continue using the iron garden bench, you can take care of it with repainting for a certain period of time. More to read modern art deco interior design elements.

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Garden bench with rattan wood material also should not be placed in your home garden or terrace, or should not be placed outdoors. Generally this material not resistant when exposed to the rain and heat continuously. Where for the long term, can be seen cracked.

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Park Bench

Then what is the most appropriate material for the garden bench or park bench? In addition to the above materials which are less recommended. One of the materials that you can choose namely garden bench with teak wood material. One reason why you should choose park bench which is made from teak wood, because teak wood is more durable, although admittedly the price is also more expensive. Even exposed to rain and Sun in the long run, park bench with teak wood can still survive and are not damaged. So it is very suitable for outdoor furniture. That’s all about 20 garden bench design ideas, from natural to contemporary bench, hope you find this article useful.

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