20 Daybed Designs, Comfort and Practical in One

Wednesday, February 1st 2017. | Furniture

Daybed, or daybed with trundle, or other design, you can buy than put it in your house. And in this article you will find why daybed is a must in every home. There are many choices of bed which is now available in the market. There are a lot of features to offer, you can choose one of them. Most people do not choose a daybed, even many who still do not know about the daybed. But indeed the daybed is one home furnishings option that a must for you to see. Let’s read more.

Day Bed

Day bed or daybed has a lot of qualities that you can feel. One of practicality. Especially in terms of size, where day bed size is the same as standard single size, or twin models. However, this furniture has panel on one side, and on the back side. Because it eases the day bed to converted into a couch, and use it throughout the day. You can simply put some cushions on it. Multi function models is another daybed advantage or feature, it will fit although placed on small bedroom, or in the tiny living room, especially if you live in an apartment. That in fact does not have the space.

Daybed with Trundle

You can also see some examples of day bed with trundle design in this article. We’ve been selecting which only have high quality design. Speaking of practical daybed, there’s more features that you will get. These features are related to the functionality of this furniture. Most of the models of the day bed has drawers on the bottom, and supports the mattress. And as mentioned before, some models are also equipped with trundle. Indeed these features may give you benefit.

Home design interior is important. You can use it to get more inspiration to renovate yours.

Tips for you. Don't be in rush if you want to renovate your interior.

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You can use the drawers to put blankets, duvets, and pillows. Alternatively, daybed with trundle will be very useful when you have guests.


The materials used for the manufacture of a daybed typically wood, metal, and even a combination of both. Materials were selected from the best, so as to guarantee the durability of the day bed itself. Although it has a good durability, but it does have the downside. Where day bed not as comfortable as a bed in General. So it is in terms of comfort is still losing. This is related to the mattress used, and also the factor of the daybed frame design. In this model, there will be a panel that surrounds, in 3 or 4 sides. This is what will make the comfort be reduced, especially if you are already accustomed to sleeping and resting on a standard bed. If indeed you less like a standard model, then you can choose the daybed model with lower back panel.

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Overall, you already know the advantages and disadvantages of the use of this daybed. The next one is you have to weigh whether it is indeed the best or not. But if you want a unique home interior, with nice furnishings, then the daybed can be a choice. Because not all homes have a day bed, so the interior of your home will look more unique, different than the interior of the House generally. Moreover, today’s models have a daybed is pretty good. That’s all about 20 daybed designs, comfort and practical in one. Hope this article can give you more ideas.

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