20 Curtain Styles for Different Rooms in Your House

Thursday, February 9th 2017. | Interior

Blackout curtains and drapes, that’s what you need to learn to create a great room interior feels. Talking about the curtains, then you probably agree or maybe disagree with this, but we believe that the function of the curtain is quite dominant in the interior of a home. The function of the curtain is protecting the interior of the home or part of the home from excessive sunlight. Other functions of the curtain are the blinds for the inside of the House, so people outside can’t see through to your room. This is for the security purpose also, to avoid burglar and robber.


Thing you must take as major concern at the moment to choose a curtain is to see a model or form of the curtain. Generally, the curtains selection must be adapted to the model of the openings from the window in the room. In addition it is also adapted to the type of curtains material used.

Living Room Curtains

For the living room curtains, which also function as a family room? Then the curtains you can choose are which has the light openings. In addition also have enough wide air openings. You can choose curtains that are made using thick fabrics, materials for color options; you can use colors that look soft. E.g. soft beige or white color, both is color choices that can suit for your living room curtains.

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Bedroom Curtains

For the bedroom curtains, you should choose a curtain that is made using materials that can easily absorb dirt and grime. Generally in the bedroom where 2 layers of curtains are used for window coverings, on the inner layer, using a thin material in which use colors that can penetrate light easily. For the outer layer can be selected which is made using a slightly thicker fabric, use a dark color, making it looks more solid.

Kitchen Curtains

For kitchen space, curtains can also be used. With a function similar to that of other spaces that you attach the curtains before. Using kitchen curtains, it is a shortcut for you who want to have a kitchen with a beautiful and charming interior.

Curtains Material

There is wide variety of materials to make a curtain. Which one that you want to choose, it depends on your taste and what kind of interior impression that you want to show in a room. There are a few key points in choosing material curtains which you must know.

You have to determine what kind of impression which you want to get using the specific curtain material. For example if you are looking for curtain material that is used at living room window, and would like to get an elegance impression. Taffeta material is the perfect choice. While if you want to find the right curtain material for children bedroom interior, where you want to get a cheerful atmosphere, then you should probably choose a thicker curtain material, using a selection of varied motifs and colors.

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If you want to make your own curtains for home, before you make a purchase of materials, do not forget to scale the window first. Then you can decide what kind of curtain models that you wanted. Different model will create a different atmosphere and style in a room. Make sure you buy materials with a sufficient amount, estimate the amount of materials required to make the curtain.

Don’t forget to create a regular schedule for the duration of curtains usage in your room. A good curtain washing schedule is 1 month 1 x wash. Or you can also wash the curtains every 3 months 1 x, to keep it clean and beautiful.

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