20 Brilliant Living Room Wall Art Ideas, Fresh even for Small Space


Mejorstyle – Wall décor, or Wall art. Is an integral part of the interior of a home. The wall of a House is like a blank canvas. Even if you are not a painter, but you can transmit artistic talent on the wall. At least you are willing to try. But don’t equate this with making graffiti or even mural, is a different thing. Where this is more towards structuring the collection of wall art. For example photos, paintings, masks, cloth, swords, as well as various other wall hangings. For most people, it is the process of arranging the wall art is such an easy job. But you do not despise them. Let’s read more.

Metal Wall Art

This is a good idea. But it is indeed dark impression would be more visible if you are using uses metal wall art. The more expensive price. But indeed the choice remains in the hands of You, if you can combine metal wall art with good, indeed the remains could be the perfect combination. The Setup for your style of wall art for your home, you can try some examples below. Read night stand bedside table.


If you want to big wall art. Then you can make the big wall art such as wall statement. A place to hang him, can you hang on a bed to bed, couch, or table. It Is Up To You. Painting is the most appropriate wall art, especially if you want to use the styling anchor. Where the composition of the room will be look more balanced. That’s the reason why we recommend using a painting in the style of wall art anchor.

Home design interior is important. You can use it to get more inspiration to renovate yours.

Tips for you. Don't be in rush if you want to renovate your interior.

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The next is the Bohemian style wall art. The hallmark of the style of this one i.e. putting the middle section of wall art to eye level. Using the style of Bohemian, then wall art will look aligned, if you hang wall art using a variety of sizes. You can also play around using the Bohemian style, in an attempt to show your personality.


After a Bohemian style, you can also find the model wall art Casuals. For the model or style of this casuals, it is suitable to be applied if you have artwork, where the works of art not only to hang over the wall. But they are also works of art to be exhibited on the shelf or furniture in a room, in your home. For the trick, you can combine the two, and not have to make many holes in the wall. This is one surefire way that you can try.

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To use this grid wall art style, you can try hanging artwork in a minimalist look, arrange neatly, so your wall-art will look geometrically. Style or model of this wall art you can apply, which all have important size as well as a similar aesthetic. An example is using the painting watercolors, with small size. You can order them from the painter. If you have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or OCD, and glad the House neat, grid style is the right choice for style wall art in your home interior.

Canvas for color selection to use as wall art. You can use the basic colors of white, or black. The color beige is also an option that was okay. That’s all about 20 brilliant living room wall art ideas, fresh even for small space, hope can help you to design.