20 Best Room Paint Ideas for Your Home

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Room paint can affect the interior of your room drastically. When painting your home walls, you should make sure to clean the surface of the wall first. Make sure the wall is already clean from dirt and dust. There are few reasons why dust and dirt must be cleaned first. Where’s dirt, dust, and oil stains that could make the end result of the painting is not evenly distributed and not smooth. In other words the results of painting become worse. Let’s Read more.

Room Painting Ideas

Still discussing the previous topic, related to room painting ideas and ways of painting, to clean dust and dirt from the walls, you can use clean water. Combine the water with soft detergent and sponge’s cellulose. Then you can rub the wall with sponge until clean. Lastly, rinse with water, so that the remaining soap residue on the wall will disappeared.

Paint Room

The second tips related to paint room. Protect part of the wall that you do not want to paint by using duct tape. Delimiter between floors and walls, window frames, and window, generally are the part of the wall that need to covered, so you can avoid that side from the taint of the paint. You protect parts of the House that does not want to be painted using duct tape. The other alternative is to use the adhesive tape. After the painting process is complete, you should immediately remove the adhesive tape, do it before the paint dries, so that the paint does not damage, so easy to do right?

House Painting Ideas

Another room which also needs to be painted is bedroom. Normally people assume if blue is the color for the boy room. But right now it’s not always like that. Indeed the bedroom wall painting can be adventure for you. Because it might just bedrooms is the only room in the House that is absolutely yours completely. Therefore you are free to experiment on your room wall color by using your favorite color.

Home Painting Ideas

You can find the latest ideas through the internet. But we recommend that you use it only for inspiration, and customize to your needs. Because maybe your home is not suitable if you are using the same home painting ideas as the photos that you found on internet, even not always like that. Next tip that you need to close or fix the cracks in the walls before painting process starts. You can use the primed in closing cracks or fissures in the wall. Then roll out until smooth with sandpaper. Do not forget to apply the primer paint. For those of you who have yet to figure it out, the primer paint is a liquid that is commonly applied before painting process, aimed so that the end result obtained shiny and flat.

Painting roller tool cannot use for all parts of the wall. The roller can be used to paint only large part of the wall. But for difficult part of the wall, such as the corner of the room, takes a small brush with a width of 2″ to paint it. Therefore you also need to prepare a small brush.

The trick to the process of repainting so the result was perfectly flat is using a Zigzag movement. Do these movements with the direction north to South, did repeatedly until the whole wall is covered with flat paint. After 2 to 3 hours, then lightly coat again with paint, so that the final results look smoother. You can also use the roller to flatten the color process from the surface of the wall. That’s all about 20 best room paint ideas for your home, hope this article useful.

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Photo Gallery of 20 Best Room Paint Ideas for Your Home

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