2 Powerful Ways on How to Get Rid Wasp in Your Room

You may need some tips on how to get rid wasp in your room, especially when your house is close to forest or flower garden. Actually, there are also wasps that produce honey which is good for our health, but wasps can be disturbing if they are also staying in your house. It is because the wasps can attack and sting you anytime. Moreover, as the nature of wasps living, once there is one wasp biting, then the other wasps will follow to bite. There are two ways on how dealing with wasp in your room, they are pesticide and non-pesticide usage:

How-to-get-rid-wasp-in-your-room 2 Powerful Ways on How to Get Rid Wasp in Your Room

Getting rid wasps in your room

  1. Non-Pesticide usage
  • First thing first, you need to protect your own body by wearing long clothing, gloves and helmets. Then, make sure your family stay away from the room which has wasp’s nest in it.
  • Prepare coconut fibers into circle shaped then tuck it into bamboo cavity. Then, burn the coconut fibers and allow some times for the body’s part of bamboo get burnt. Next, turn off the fire on the bamboo. From here, you will see the thick smoke goes out.

Monster-wasp-nest 2 Powerful Ways on How to Get Rid Wasp in Your Room

  • Place the bamboo stick right below the wasp’s nest so that the smoke will cover the nest’s entire surface.
  • You will see the wasps are bothered. They will go out and fly aimlessly.
  • After all the wasps fly away, you can hit the nest until it falls. Wrap the falling nest directly into a plastic directly and throw it away from your house. So that the wasps will not come back into your house.
  • Paint your ceiling using oil (which usually use for motorcycle) on the spot that previously became wasps’ nest.

Pesticides 2 Powerful Ways on How to Get Rid Wasp in Your Room

  1. Pesticide usage

You should also consider calling wasp keepers’ to give assistance on how to get rid wasp in your room. Or if your do not want to pay additional cost, you can also try to use pesticides. Here are several tips on how to use the pesticide:

  • Find aerosol pesticide product which contains pyrethroid. This kind of pesticide product not only works for wasps but also works well against the bees.
  • Protect yourself with long clothing, gloves and helmets (if necessary). Spray the pesticide directly into the nest (by following the printed instructions on the product’s cover). Do it at midnight, when the wasp is in an inactive state.

Tiny-wasp-nest-in-house 2 Powerful Ways on How to Get Rid Wasp in Your Room

  • Remember that this pesticide product can only kill the wasps or the wasps if they are being exposed directly to the pesticide spray. Thus, it will not affect the unhatched pupae. Later, you will also have to re-spray around 2 or 3 weeks after you spray the wasps’ nest, in order to ensure that the new wasps pupae is also being exposed to the pesticide.
  • If you do not want to use the aerosol pesticide product, then you can use a blower to blow the pesticide into the nest. After the wasps are cleaned, you should also clean the old nest and spot, to make sure there are no wasp pupae left which may causes bad smell spread in your home.

Those are 2 powerful ways on how to get rid wasp in your room for your reference.

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